Holga 135bc + Kodak part 1

As I’ve said before, I’ve been using expired films since August when I started with lomography. I always thought that buying fresh films would be too expensive so I’d stick with expired films. But there was this one time that I got a bit tired of seeing grainy and washed out colors of my shots so I thought of trying fresh films. And I love it now! The colors, the analog feel of it, it’s so refreshing. Enjoy!

Part 2 next!

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Underwater Camera shots! Part 2

Here are some more of my shots using the underwater camera.


Exposed film. But I like it!

Look at the sun rays!

We became friends with this cutie.

The dog followed us around!

Lovin’ the sand on our feet.

One of my favorite shots! My hubby in action with the huge waves.

Next blog post will contain Holga 135bc beach shots. See ya!

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Bucket List: DIY Pinhole Camera and Sunprint Kit

DIY Pinhole Camera and Sunprint Kit

Another item in my Bucket List!

I’m really in awe of pinhole photos and I wanted one, I think, 6 months ago when I tried making my own pinhole camera from scratch. I finished the whole camera but I wasn’t able to figure out how to spool the film and how to put the “pinhole” using a can of soda so to make the long story short, it was an epic fail. Though I still have the pinhole camera box with me but it’s not working.

DIY Pinhole Camera and Sunprint Kit   

So when I saw this Kit, I just completely fell inlove! I made sure first that the film will be easy to spool and that I don’t need to cut a soda can for the hole.

Also, I got intrigued by the Sunprint Kit. The kit includes 12 “films”. You just need to put any material on top of it, let it rest and soak some sun. And just soak it in water (yes, water) to process it and voila! You learned how to use one of the oldest methods of photography.


Just like what Photojojo.com said, “No bits, bytes, or fancy equipment around here, just good old fashioned photo making. And just enough cunning craft power to make Martha swoon and your old photo teacher cry tears of joy”.

So yeah, I am planning to buy one on August or September. Excited! Check it out here: DIY Pinhole Camera and Sunprint Kit

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Underwater Camera shots! Part 1

So as I have said in my previous blog post, it is my first time to use an underwater camera and I am pretty stoked on the results I got! These were taken with an Underwater Camera + Kodak Color 200.

Let the pictures speak for themselves!

For more pictures, you can visit me at lomography.com/iamdnierod

Look out for Part 2!

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For Processing!

I finally was able to send my films to Digiprint for processing last Sunday! I really can’t wait because the last time I had films processed was last February after the Vigan trip with my husband.

Also, this is my first time to shoot with fresh films! Yes, Ive been shooting with expired films since August and I’m excited to see my Kodak shots.



I’m still learning about the exposures, because alot of our Vigan shots were quite over-exposed, so now I’m really hoping that I got the ISOs correct.

I am also excited with the Fuji Super film. I got this one from a Japanese Surplus when I was hunting for vintage cameras and this baby was lying on the pile of ehem dirty vintage cameras. I asked the store clerk if I can have it and fortunately she gave it for free. Maybe she thinks that films are useless. I’m not sure if this one has been used, but when I got it, the flap was still there (I’m thinking of vintage japanese photos multiple exposure surprise), but even if it’s unused, I am still excited!


However, since I got this one two months ago, I already forgot the shots I made in this particular film. Lol, anyway, I am going to try to look for a way on how to know what kind of film I used
in the processed films.

Another thing is that it is my first time to use an underwater camera! I brought it during my hubby and I’s Puerto Galera trip last May and I’m not sure how some of the shots will turn out.


So yeah, I’m guessimg I’d get my processed films in 3 days so watch out!

Xo D

Transit of Venus : Analog Edition

Today was HISTORICAL. My co-teachers and I just witnessed the Transit of Venus at around 8:00 in the morning and it was unbelievable. I know that Venus would seem like a just a spec against the magnificent Sun but seeing something like that means that: a. Venus the planet is real (not that I doubt its existence) and b. I am one of the coolest among the billion people on earth that wasn’t able to see it. c. You shouldn’t look at the sun with the naked eye.

I wasn’t aware at first that the transit was TODAY. Good thing my co-teacher asked me if I have a sunglass so we can see it happening outside. As dumb as I was, I tried looking at the sun with my naked eye, and to make the long story short, my eyes hurt. LOL. So I thought of using about 10 of my used films because I don’t have sunglasses.

Using just one film still hurts so what we did was to fold the films or put 2-3 films together to make it darker and VOILA, we saw the magnificent Venus! I just can’t post any picture of it though because you’d need a very high-tech camera to catch that but instead, my co-teachers and I took photos of ourselves as we watched history!

My co-teachers and boss

That’s me!

xo D

Bucket List: Diana Mini (part 1)

I’ve been drooling for a Diana Mini for the longest time now and I still haven’t got the budget to buy one. Hopefully before we travel in November, I’d be able to get my hands into this cutie! So since all I can do now is to just look at the awesome-ly beautiful Diana Mini shots in Lomography, I’d thought I’d share them with you.

By: ohoska

By: grad

By: disdis

By: sugiyamasatomi

By: twizzer88

By: julia_adele

See you in part 2!

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