Shooting Strangers. Sounds weird.

But Taking-Pictures-of-Strangers is too long for a title, so… lol.

I know this is one of the problems of any other newbie (or non-newbie) photographers like me, taking snap-shots of strangers! A lot of questions always pop in my head everytime I think about doing this on a random day like a. Would I piss off the strangers if I take pictures of them without them knowing? b. What would they do to me if they see me take a picture of them? c. What would I say if they ask me why I did that? d. Is that even allowed? e. Will I get arrested? And the list go onnnn…I read somewhere that there came a time when taking pictures of strangers got banned, I think in the US, maybe because of the terrorism and stuff, so I understand that one. And I heard last year that even here in the Philippines, taking photos of our National Hero’s statue is banned too – this one I can’t understand, but this is a different story.

Sometimes, I just go with my instinct to just shoot that person very quick, stuff my camera (or just let go of it since it’s always hanging on my neck) in my bag, and pretend that nothing happened. More often than not, I take pictures of strangers behind them so they won’t see me. Haha. But then I got the courage to do some face to face shots and I actually get some good photos, but some of them looked like it was “staged” because the strangers just smiles at me when they see the camera.I would really love to do this more often though because it’s such a rush when you see the pictures turn out good!

So without further ado, here are a few (literally FEW) of my shots:

Strangers’ backs:

Face to Face:


xo D