Today was HISTORICAL. My co-teachers and I just witnessed the Transit of Venus at around 8:00 in the morning and it was unbelievable. I know that Venus would seem like a just a spec against the magnificent Sun but seeing something like that means that: a. Venus the planet is real (not that I doubt its existence) and b. I am one of the coolest among the billion people on earth that wasn’t able to see it. c. You shouldn’t look at the sun with the naked eye.

I wasn’t aware at first that the transit was TODAY. Good thing my co-teacher asked me if I have a sunglass so we can see it happening outside. As dumb as I was, I tried looking at the sun with my naked eye, and to make the long story short, my eyes hurt. LOL. So I thought of using about 10 of my used films because I don’t have sunglasses.

Using just one film still hurts so what we did was to fold the films or put 2-3 films together to make it darker and VOILA, we saw the magnificent Venus! I just can’t post any picture of it though because you’d need a very high-tech camera to catch that but instead, my co-teachers and I took photos of ourselves as we watched history!

My co-teachers and boss

That’s me!

xo D