New blog category: Movies!

I almost forgot about how I love watching movies because of the TV shows that I watch. Let me enumerate: Gossip Girl, New Girl, The Walking Dead, 90210, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge and Teen Wolf. But, since almost all of these shows have gone on hiatus AND I didn’t have anymore shows to watch (I hate watching episodes over again) I decided to look for movies online to download., just to see what movies I missed and what movies I planned to watch but never really got the chance to. And so I dowbloaded them and my brother gave me some, so now I got addicted with movies again! In just a week, I’ve seen the ff:
1. The Vow
2. 50/50
3. Charlie St. Cloud
4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
5. Water for Elephants
6. One Day

So it was basically one movie a day and I just love all of it! Some movies started boring but ended in a good note. I still have 2 more movies to watch The Way Back and Killing Bono. The latter., I already started watching., but I don’t know, I’m kinda bored with it, though Ben Barnes is in that movie, so I guess I am going to try to watch it again this coming week.

What movies have you watched this week?

Xo D