I just watched Water For Elephants and it blew me away. I never thought this movie could be so great! I thought that it was popular just because Robert Pattinson was there, but really, his Twilight acting was waaaay much different than in this one (hey, I’m a fangirl too.). So now, I’m dedicating this weeks 5 things to the wonderful world of Circus!

As a kid, I really loved going to carnivals, but I can’t remember a time where I went to a real circus with animals performing and people doing stunts, but I remember watching people on tv go fly up in the air and train animals to perform infront of people.

1. Of course, my number 1 goes to the movie – Water for Elephants.

There weren’t really much dialogue (I think, maybe because I was too busy admiring the set!) but the acting, cinematography, locations are just perfect. I haven’t read the book yet though. but I bet it will blew my mind like the movie did. Bravo Francis Lawrence! (And I think I just hear that he will direct Catching fire!

2. Rosie the Elephant.

She is so ADORABLE! You’ll know what I’m talking about once you watch this movie. She’s a hero!

3.1 Reese Witherspoo.

She was AH-mazing and a goddess. She played Marlena, the wife of August – the circus owner, and the save-the-best-for-last act every tour.

3.2 Robert Pattinson.

Okay, enough of the Oos and the Aahs and the screaming. I know, he’s gorgeous but there’s more than meets the eye. He’s is a perfect cougar-material. LOL.

4. Her wardrobe.

So classic! Need I say more?

5. Just watch the movie.

xo D