I just finished watching Ghost Protocol and geez I just can’t describe it one word. If I am not mistaken, I saw all of the Mission Impossible movies and it never fails to amaze me. Tom Cruise has been using the same stunts – i.e. jumping-off-and-stops-a-few-inches-above-the-ground scene, the wall/rock/-and now building-climbing, the car/bus/whatever transportation-explosion-and-he-lands-on-the-ground-and-then-suddenly-the-vehicle-crashes-just-a-few-inches-away-from-him scene, and the running scenes.. the list could go on, and those same stunts had been done over and over BUT it the difference is the difficulty and the location of that particular stunt which ALWAYS blow me away.It’s like a Michael Jackson concert, you know that he always sings Billie Jean, Thriller, etc. to all of his concerts but he changes it the way that his fans could never get sick of it. Wait, is that even related. I think I am already blabbing.

Anyway, here’s my WTFM for this week. Guess what scene is this:

xo D