I am a self-professed dog lover. I currently have a 3-month old (not in dog years, I’m bad in Math) Shih-Tzu+Terrier named Hatchi and my family (and my husband, he just doesn’t want to admit it.) ADORES her. She would wait in front of the door whenever sher hears our gate open, and would quickly escape to our garden once the door is opened. Hatchi would also try to claw her way inside our bathroom when someone is inside, but she would just take a peek, and then go out at once. And I just love how she pees and poos in 3 different places, without us teaching her to do so. She’s a smart puppy!

Here are some of her photos (taken when she was about 1-2 months old):


Here are four LomoKino shorts of dogs I found in Lomography.com:


xo D

Credits to: fishexposure eiji migs88 clownshoes