My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last April 4, 2012. A few months back, I planned that we’ll see a movie in Resorts World Manila. We heard that it is a Php500 per person movie ticket with unlimited (!) popcorn and your own butler. Sadly, we had some financial emergency last month and my plan didn’t push through. I was a bit bummed days before our day because I’m a self-professed Obsessive-Compulsive woman and I get disorientated whenever a plan gets changed or canceled (and I get mad most of the times). But then I thought that it wasn’t really about the expensive gifts or elegant food and what not but it is really about celebrating the two of us. SO, to make the long story short, we made April 4th OUR day: we ate at Burger King, watched the AMAZING Wrath of the Titans (while eating my favorite Major League Buttered Popcorn from Taters) and a large Lemonade (am I making you hungry?). And then after that, we bought delicious food from Bread Talk and then spent some awesome chatting-moment at Starbucks while drinking our favorite frapp. It was really fun and a time (and money) well-spent.

Here are a few of our wedding snapshots taken from last year. Enjoy!

Our wedding invite!

My wedding rubber shoes! (and our rings)



xo D