It’s LomoKino Wednesday!

If you’re not my follower in twitter (and I guess you need to be), you havent heard / read of how I am so desperate to buy a LomoKino of my own months ago before it was even released here in the Philippines. But, sadly, I never got to buy one, because of financial issues (I need to get another job!) and because I wouldn’t have time making my own story line, etc.

I still love the Kino though, watching short-films have never been this analogue when the trend nowadays are about the ‘most’ HD or 3D or IMAX, when you can enjoy the simple analogue shorts like this one.

This short is created by nadinadu ( from Germany, and this, I believe is one of the very first LomoKino movies ever to be posted in I just fell inlove with the simplicity of this movie. I was born in a colored-tv age so I never saw a film in black in white (and without audio) and this one made me feel like I’m back to the past.