So, yeah. I am doing this things-I-Love entries and I am hoping that I’d be able to keep up with this every week. Here it goes…

1. Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Set

I know. My photo sucks. I am trying to look for this picture in the internet but too bad they don’t have so I have to use this one. Anyway, yes, I am addicted with this collection! My boss gave this to me from Canada and I love it! The fragrance is very mild, I don’t want too-sweet perfumes and body lotions so this one is perfect for me.

2. Kodak Gold 100

I just bought two of these 2 days ago and I am so excited to use it! It would be my first fresh colored film since I started Lomo-ing and I’m really hoping it would turn out great. I’ve been using expired films ever since and I kind of wanted to explore the next phase.

3. Vintage Olympus Pen S

I’ve been drooling to have one for two months and I hope I’d get this by the end of the month. My husband realized that I deserve to have this one for our first wedding anniversary, haha. This vintage beauty shoots half-frame. That means 72 shots for a 36exp roll of films. Isn’t that just awesome?

4. Hunger Games

Need I say more?

5. GetGlue

I’m addicted! It’s a bit like FourSquare, but instead of checking in to places, you get to check-in to movies, TV shows, books and the like, and you get to earn stickers! Stickers are received when you reached a certain achievement, like checking-in to an Opening Week movie, or being a Die-hard fan of a TV show. You can also ask GetGlue to snailmail you your stickers! I currently have 41.