I’ve been a “Lomographer” (noob here) for 7 months now, and I’ve been enjoying this hobby ever since.

I was glad that the first article I wrote was published in Lomography.com and I am very excited to share this to my readers.

As I was scanning through my husband and I’s photos when we went to Vigan, Ilocos Sur last February 4, 2012, I was very surprised to see a pattern in almost all of the films we took. Most of the shots were of trees, roofs and almost everything you see when you look above, so I made my own 11th Golden Rule (there are 10 Lomo Rules) and I’m planning to do more. My current project is my 12th Golden Rule, but that’s another story.

Click HERE to read my Lomo Article. Happy reading!

P.S. the picture below is one of my favorite shots. A lomo friend of mine said it looks like a glowing chess board.