Okay. So i signed up for wordpress. I dont even know how my brother made me do it but ive been wanting to start a blog ever since.

The problem is that I dont really know what to write about before. Should I write about books? Music? Clothes? I wasnt really sure about the main theme of my blog so Im really at a loss.

But thanks to lomography, Ive sortof know now what to write about. What else? FILMS and LOMO! I got inspired because of the hits Ive been getting in my Tumblr and Lomo home. Though Tumblr is so much different than blogging per se, since Tumblr is just photoblogging. I mean, it’s a no-brainer for me since I spend AN AWFUL LOT OF TIME online and I see alot of pictures. But blogging would like, a lifestyle and I wasnt sure before if I could even post regularly, but now, I sort of do. Especially because Ive been reading alot of abeautifulmess.typepad.com and her friends’ blog. Though Elsie’s blog is about Vintage and Fashion (and other things) and I know I wont be able to do that (im not a fashionable person, i just like fashionable people), I got an idea of what my blog would be like.

So first, I (of course) my idea is to post my lomo pictures, but not just lomo pics but Im going to have this sortof lomo projects and then im going to talk about the inspiration for that project, etc. Then i think im going to do the 10things i love fridays where i will post, of course, the ten things i love. Then im going to post about my book reviews (that is if i still have time to review / read books) and maybe i can make my own dream casts of those books. And kastly about my online job. Which i think would be very useful especially to those who are still sturggling to find and struggling to even signup for an online job.

That’s what im planning. And i just id be able to do that!